School Aims

Mont a L’Abbe School Aims

1. To create an atmosphere of mutual respect regardless of any individual’s gender, race, ethnic origin, ability, or the challenges they present to others.

2. To develop innovative and creative teaching strategies with high expectations for pupil achievement focussed upon pupils developing the necessary skills for independent life.

3. To provide an organised, safe, secure, structured environment, which reflects high quality teaching and learning.

4. To develop a reflective, well informed team of professionals and support staff, who are creative, resourceful and positive in their approach to meeting pupil needs.

5. To ensure that all children have equal access to as wide a variety of learning experiences and opportunities as possible.

6. To structure learning programmes designed to meet the needs and views of individual pupils, their family and carers, and to foster a positive relationship between school and home.

7. To encourage creative, enquiring minds through an enriched curriculum, which promotes knowledge and understanding of our world and creative expression.

8. To promote citizenship through social awareness, concern for others and a sense of responsibility in order that each individual can become a valued member of their community.

9. To maximise the time pupils spend at school, by providing a curriculum and daily routines that have good pace, purpose, relevance and challenge

10. To develop policies, procedures and practice which promote consistent support, guidance and welfare of each individual.

11. To encourage self-esteem and confidence within each individual, and opportunities that will enable pupils to make informed choices.

12. To promote an inclusive society, both within the school and the wider community, through shared learning, caring, and celebration of difference and diversity